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We provide unique, affordable and personalised shoe and repair services to our customers that one would not find in an ordinary retail shoe store.

We specialise in repairing and restoring shoes, boots, leather goods and bags. 


    We repair and restore shoes and boots. Our service extends to full resoling, shoe upper repairs, stitching and replacing worn out heels to prolong the life of shoes. We also offer a while-u-wait service for replacing ladies heel tips.


    We bronze old and new shoes. This makes a wonderful gift or memorable keepsake. Why not have your baby’s first pair of shoes bronzed?


    Press studs, eyeleting, grinderies, buckles, polishing, gluing, stitching, specialised alterations on boots, replacing zips, hand stitching, resoling and re-heeling. Why replace your favourite shoes when you can repair them?


    We fix and restore all types of bags and travel luggage. Restoration for these items includes replacements of zips, handles, pulling handles, and luggage wheels. It pays to repair expensive, reliable luggage.


    Shortening or lengthening of belts, including replacing buckles, press studs and eyelets.


    We supply and cut all types on keys while-u-wait.


    We professionally cover shoes for weddings, matric dances and parties. We will certainly give you an added personal touch with regard to your personal choice, style and ideas. We even make up matching evening bags to compliment your shoes.


    We keep your feet happy. We stretch shoes on strategic points to enhance your comfort.


    We clean and polish shoes and other leather goods. We provide free, professional advice on how to care for and restore leather shoes, sport shoes, boots, and suede shoes. All recommended quality products are retailed in store.


    We do professional dry cleaning to all types of clothing and linens. It pays to dry clean your prized items, thus retaining its original look and feel.



  • Labours of love

    They’re the most skilled artisans in their highly specialised fields but now they’re a dying breed. Michael Schmidt spoke to some of Gauteng’s master craftsmen about their lives and their work. Elizabeth Sejake took the pictures.

  • Walk of Life

    Most of Ken Ratanjee’s machinery lies dusty and redundant at the back of his cobbler’s shop at the Oriental Plaza. Times may have overtaken his ancient trade, but there are some things only a real shoemaker can fix.

About Us

Ratanjees was established in 1898

An amazing story!!! Approximately 116 years of history and heritage of four generations specialising in the shoe trade and continually providing excellent service, loyalty, workmanship and great skill.

The business originated in 1898. Ratanjees was owned by ‘Ken’ Morar Ratanjee who was the forerunner of the business for 50 years after taking over from his grandfather Morar Ratanjee at the young age of 23 in 1966.

The shoe repair business was originally in Mint Road Fordsburg, then later moved to Bree Street and is now currently trading in the Oriental Plaza. Since inception of the Oriental Plaza, Ratanjees Shoes has been a popular household name. People travel from far and wide from all over the country and other neighbouring African states to have their shoes and leather goods meticulously and masterfully restored.

Nilesh Morar, qualified shoe designer/shoemaker graduating from Leicestershire Southfields College in the UK is the son of the well-known cobbler ‘Ken’ Ratanjee. Nilesh has taken over his father’s legacy with pride, prestige and ambition. He is using a more modern approach with new technology and innovative ideas to enhance the business. Nilesh continues to provide professional service, quality workmanship, skill and talent in the shoe repair industry for the coming generations.

Skilled artisans in their highly specialised fields are now a dying breed. It is difficult to find a master craftsman who specialises in the restoration of expensive shoes, boots and leather goods. 

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Our History

Created in the mid 1970’s, the Oriental Plaza was established as a large shopping centre for Indian-owned shops and is a major attraction in Fordsburg. 
Today, the Oriental Plaza is a vibrant centre drawing crowds of bargain hunters from around the city. It boasts a variety of goods, exotic fabrics, clothes, shoe and shoe services to linen, home ware and delectable curries and samoosas. 
The Oriental Plaza is unique with approximately 360 shops. Ratanjees can be found at Entrance 3. A visit to the Oriental Plaza is a sensory experience with spices scents and flavours, rich colours and textures and a flurry of activity that surely makes it a stand out and memorable trip.

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Contact Us

Shop S254, Albertina Sisulu Road, Entrance No. 3, Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg
Tel: 011 838 2493 | Fax: 086 751 0958 | Cell: 072 194 9491